Princeton Violin and Viola


It is my conviction that every person, of  any age, can learn to play music in a way that gives them great pleasure and confidence. -Amy Wulfman

Welcome to the home of Princeton Violin and Viola.  I enjoy teaching violin and viola lessons to students of all ages and all abilities who are happy to make the commitment of daily practice.

My goal for school-aged students, is that every one of them, by the time they complete high school, should be advanced enough to have the choice of making a career in music performance or school music teaching, or have the satisfaction of a life of chamber music as an accomplished amateur, regardless of the chosen profession.

The necessary commitment is a love of music and the willingness to carve out a daily practice time. My job is, after presenting new material at each lesson, to teach every student how to spend his/her practice time. My approach fosters maximum progress and minimizes extraneous hours, through a process of isolating each element of every musical challenge, and learning how to tackle all manner of difficulties, and succeed in overcoming them, with a musically pleasing result. No student is too young or too old to develop this type of focus, and feel the satisfaction which accompanies this style of practicing the violin or viola.


If you or someone you know is interested in lessons at our Princeton NJ violin and viola lesson studio or at New England Conservatory Preparatory Division, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for stopping by,
Amy Goodman Wulfman